Carpet Cleaners-Helping you Clean Stains from Your Carpet

Homeowners take every precaution to protect their carpets and keep them clean. However, spillages occur all the time leaving some stains on your carpet. Stains fall into two categories; water soluble stains and the insoluble stains. Water soluble stains include alcoholic beverages, washable ink, latex paint, milk and pet excrement among others. These can be easily removed using a non-bleach cleaning solution. Insoluble stains could result from substances such as glue, oil spillages, nail polish, wax and oil among others. Some stains are easy to remove while others require professional assistance. To avoid ruining your carpet, it is advisable to seek the help of professional carpet cleaners when dealing with stubborn stains.

Carpet cleaners choose a cleaning method which suits the stain at hand. When cleaning pet stains for instance, different methods are applied for wet pet stains and dry pet stains. Wet stains can be cleaned using blotting method. This helps in soaking up the moisture without rubbing and smearing it. The carpet is blotted repeatedly until the stain is removed. Blotting method may also be applied for other water soluble stains.

Cleaning companies are armed with a wide range of cleaning solutions suitable for different types of stain. The first step will entail assessing the stain and identifying the right cleaning solution. Upon treating the stain, it may be left for some time for the detergent to work. A final rinsing is then done leaving the carpet sparkling. Proper tools and techniques are employed to preserve the quality of your carpet.

For smelly stains, the right method has to be employed to neutralize the odor. For instance, the use of white vinegar is a great way to eliminate odors. The vinegar should be poured on the stain and allowed to soak before being rinsed off.

Besides removing stains, professional carpet cleaners employ effective carpet drying methods. Leaving the carpet damp could encourage the growth of bacteria and mildew. With a professional, you will have a spotless and perfectly dry carpet.