A quick summary of dry and wet carpet cleaning

If you own a carpet in your house you know that it needs a little care to clean. Apparently, it’s not as simple as taking a damp cloth and sweeping the dirt right off it in just a minute. There are two widely used ways for cleaning carpets which are known as dry and wet carpet cleaning for obvious reasons. Let’s have a look at how they are done.

Dry cleaning usually involves using solutions and other compounds to remove the dirt and any other litter from the carpet. One common dry carpet cleaning method is to spread the solutions onto the carpet and then remove them with a vacuum. Usually, it is pretty fast and after the process, the carpet can be used again within 20-30 minutes at most. It is the way to go if you don’t have enough time and don’t need to spend too much money on cleaning a carpet.

Wet cleaning is mostly used when having pets in your house and the carpet is extremely dirty. Hot water is being thrown onto the carpet with very high pressure leaving no chance for the litter to escape. According to experts, it is the most effective as it will leave no residue whatsoever but it comes with a higher price and a longer drying time of about 5-8. Of course, you need a professional to do the job for you, but if you want to wet clean your carpet yourself, you will need to put shampoo onto your carpet to wash it and then spray water to remove the shampoo. However, you will have some dirt leftover.

All in all, what you should know about cleaning carpets is that dry cleaning is the cheapest and quickest way to go at the cost of less effectiveness. On the opposite hand, wet cleaning is expensive when done by a professional and the shampoo method will remove more dirt than dry carpet cleaning, but you will need to wait a little longer before using your carpet again.